Chiremba Balancing Rocks

Rocas de equilibrio de Chiremba

Rocas de equilibrio de Chiremba

Chiremba Balancing Rocks (Epworth, Harare area) — Chiremba Balancing Rocks was declared a national monument in 1994, and is located 13 km. south east of Harare in Epworth. It is characterized by granite balancing rocks within a natural breathtaking scenic environment. The Balancing rocks are a continuation of the awe-inspiring landscape.


The Balancing Rocks symbolize peace and stability of the nation’s economy. During the colonial period the Balancing Rocks were adopted as one of the motifs appearing on the Rhodesian paper currency. This symbolic significance continues today as it has continued to be used on the post colonial currency. The business community has reaffirmed the importance of the Balancing Rocks by using it in various commercial adverts.


The site offers camping and picnic activities for individuals, family and group functions. On-site, is a kiosk offering refreshments and souvenirs. It is an ideal environment for weddings, birthday parties, and fellowships.